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Administrator's Blog

News from the administrator about site changes, new features, and other goings-on in admin land.

Bugs and Features

The place to report bugs or errors that you find in the site software, and see their status.

Fritz's Dream Blog

Just for fun, I blog all my dreams. I'm not sure why anyone would read it, but I bet somebody will.

Original Fiction

Stories to share...

Meet and Greet Forum

A place to say hello!

Family Stories

Tell us a story about someone in the family. Perhaps something funny, or that says something about their character, or whatever.

Travel Stories

Tell us about a funny, strange, or interesting experience you had while traveling.

Fritz's Hiking Journal

A journal of hikes.

New Zealand 2006

Stories and pictures of our 2006 trip to New Zealand. Featuring Fred, Sue, Steve, Rimli, and Fritz.

India 2007

The thrilling tale of a trip to India, featuring Fritz, Joe, Leah, Steve, and Rimli!

Heather's dream blog

I'm just copying Fritz, mostly.

Family Poetry


Chris' Dream Blog

A descriptive journal of all my nightly dreams.

Frank's Blog

Occasional bursts of brilliance shot through with a cloying sense of under-achievement ..

Jet Blue Adventure Log


2010 Spain


2011 Korea


Our Pets and Ourselves

Stories about the animals that make us human. Or something like that.

2015 Thailand

I'm going to Thailand! Hopefully I will find some interesting things there to write about, and enough internets to support it!