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Active Planners
-?-?Name Gramma's Woodsfritz
Test Planners
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2005-01-02Test Planner: Bank Robbery (Festival Style)fritz
2005-04-01Test Planner: Church Picnic (Pickone Style)fritz
2005-06-04Test Planner: A Big Potluck (Potluck Style)fritz
Expired Planners
2017-12-25Christmas Dinnerfritz
2017-11-25Thanksgiving annette
2017-08-12campout burrito nightsue
2017-04-16Easter banquet 2017sue
2016-?-?2016 Family Campout Datesdavid
2016-12-25Christmas Feastfritz
2016-11-26Thanksgiving annette
2016-08-13Family Campout Burrito Nightminda
2016-03-27Easter Feast annette
2016-01-?2016 Family Calendars - fritz
2015-?-?Campout availability plannerketa
2015-12-25Christmas Day Celebration 2015annette
2015-11-28Thanksgiving annette
2015-11-16Thanksgiving Date 2015minda
2015-08-22Camping Shared Burrito Dinnerfritz
2015-04-05Easter Feast annette
2014-12-25Christmas Day Celebration 2015annette
2014-12-25Christmas Day Celebration 2014annette
2014-12-25Christmas Day Celebration 2014annette
2014-11-29Thanksgiving Feastsue
2014-11-09Burrito Nightminda
2014-10-?Backpacking Dates Againfritz
2014-10-05Folks' Birthday SNDminda
2014-10-01Backpacking Datesfritz
2014-09-30Campout availability plannerketa
2014-09-15Meals for Dave & Annette sue
2014-08-09Saturday Burrito Nightminda
2014-08-08Friday Taco Salad Dinnerminda
2014-04-20Easter Feast annette
2014-04-06Burrito Nightminda
2013-12-25Christmas Day Celebration 2013annette
2013-11-30Thanksgiving Feast 2013annette
2013-08-11Anniversary Weekend - Sunday Snacks and Random Additionsminda
2013-08-10Anniversary Weekend - Sunday Tri-Tip Dinnerminda
2013-08-10Anniversary Weekend - Saturday Burrito Dinnerminda
2013-06-22BURRITO NIGHT!!minda
2013-03-31Easter Sunday celebration 2013annette
2012-?-?Sunday Night Dinner for Responsible Adults 2012minda
2012-?-?Family Campingketa
2012-12-25Christmas Day 2012minda
2012-11-24Thanksgiving 2012minda
2012-04-08Easter potlucksue
2012-01-?Sunday Night Dinner for Responsible Adultsminda
2011-?-?Family Campoutsketa
2011-12-25Christmas 2011 Festivitiesannette
2011-11-26thanksgiving Galasue
2011-04-24Easter Meal - New and Improvedminda
2011-04-24Easter Gathering, 2011annette
2010-?-?Family Campout Weekendfritz
2010-12-25Capell Family Christmasannette
2010-11-27Thanksgiving Feast 2010 at the Capell Farmleah
2010-04-04Easter Sundayannette
2010-02-27 Phoenix's birthdaypetra
2009-?-?Family Campout Schedulefritz
2009-12-25Christmas Feast 2009minda
2009-11-28Thanksgiving Feastannette
2009-11-08Baby shower for Petra and Wileyminda
2009-04-12Easter 2009minda
2008-12-25Christmas Celebrationannette
2008-11-26Capell Thanksgiving 2008annette
2008-03-22Easter Celebration with Orion's Birthday Celebrationannette
2007-12-24Capell Christmas Eve Dinnerminda
2007-11-24Thanksgiving Dinner..Capell style ( i.e. a bit late).minda
2006-10-22Sunday Night Burritosfritz
2006-10-01Thanksgiving/birthday dinner 2006minda
2006-05-14Mother's Day 2006fritz
2006-04-15Easter Potluckfritz
2005-12-24Christmas Eve dinner 2005minda
2005-11-27Thanksgiving Dinner 2005minda
2005-08-19Family Campout-Lake Billy Chinookleah
2004-12-25Christmas gift exchange.... minda
2004-11-04Vote for me!fritz